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Michael Sherer


Michael Sherer
As Director of IT at Goshen College, Michael turned around a struggling department, networking the dorms in the summer of 1997, upgrading 2/3 of the computers on campus, and got GC on the Yahoo ‘Most Wired Campus’ list by 1999.

Paul Leichty

Customer Services

Paul Leichty
Paul was Director of User Services for from 2003-2016.  He continues to provide customer services as needed.  He also serves as Executive Director of Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) and Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN).

Peter Miller


Peter splits his time swing dancing, doing IT work for his Alma Mater (Goshen College), and running CodePurple. CodePurple is a co-curricular that hires Goshen students to do mobile, web, and application development projects.

Rafael Barahona


Rafael is a strategic partner through R3 Design. He is a creative consultant with years of professional experience in design and marketing. R3 Design provides a wide array of services including graphic design, web design, logo design, branding and marketing.

Jacob M.Nofziger

System Consultant

Jacob Maldonado Nofziger has a background in biology and enjoys the diversity of work he receives at His work allows him to explore a wide range of tools and services to bring a client what they need.